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Les Lys Tranquille Trandrevoe Vouvray 2015 (12 x 750mL), Loire, France.

It is in Vouvray that we have discovered the first vines in the Loire Valley planted by monks in Year 400. Honore de Balzac, well-know writer, was born in Tours in 1799 and he is the author of many chapters about wine “Wine has nourished my body while coffee kept my mind”, was deeply in love with the wines of Vouvray.

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Domaine Christian Salmon Sancerre AC 2017 (12 x 750mL), Loire, France.
Domaine Christian Salmon Sancerre AC 2017 (12 x 750mL), Loire, France.

Domaine Christian Salmon is a family owned estate in the Coteaux Buetons, covering 15 hectares within the appellations of Sancerre and Pouilly Fume, in the Loire Valley of central France. For many generations the Salmon family has ensured production of the very best quality wine, and the techniques employed today are based on those of previous generations.The bunches are lightly crushed as soon as they arrive to the winery. The must is pumped into stainless steel tanks and left to cold settle before the fermentation, which occurs naturally. The temperature of the ferment is closely monitored to avoid any possible risk of oxidation and to retain freshness and aroma. The wine is racked and a minimal addition of sulphur dioxide is made as required. The wine is rested in tank prior to bottling.Domaine Christian Salmon is looking to preserve the typical flavours and aromas of Sauvignon Blanc from Sancerre, and no oak treatment is involved in the production.

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Francois Crochet Sancerre 2017 (12 x 750mL), Loire, France.

This wine is made from a number of different parcels scattered across the appellation. The topsoils range from limestone marls, kimmeridgian stones and hard limestones mixed in to varying soils of clay, thin gravels and heavy sands scattered near the village of Bué. Also, there is a little dose coming from silex soils as well. The climate in this area is one of the cooler areas but most of the sites face towards the south, which helps the grapes find their ripeness.

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Kilikanoon Vouvray Brut NV (6 x 750mL), Louire, France.

The elegance and distinctive style of sparkling Vouvray has captivated wine connoisseurs for decades. An opportunity to partner one of the leading winemaking houses in Vouvray has provided Kilikanoon with the unique ability to produce its very own.80 year-old vines give special character to this wine, made in the same way as those of the more famous French Sparkling Wines. Vouvray is one of France's oldest wine-producing regions with a history dating back to Roman times.

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Vive La Loire Sauvignon Blanc2017 (12 x 750mL), Loire, France.


Beautiful pale, crystalline yellow colourAroma Intense nose of citrus, blackcurrant, broom and lychee aromasPalate This Sauvignon Blanc wine is attractively fresh and well structured on the palate. It is smooth and tangy with good mineral length.

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Menuts Blanc Fruite 2014 (12 x 750mL) Bordeaux, France. Cork Closure.

Lot No: 0028-2474296

Both hand-picked and harvested by machine, grapes are sorted and de-stalked before being gently pressed. Then juice undergoes a traditional fermentation, left on lees for in small stainless steel vats, under temperature control process. (258594-12)

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Les Lys Vouvray Chenin Blanc 2014 (6x 750mL), Loire Valley. Cork

Lot No: 0026-2474296

Les Lys Vouvray Chenin Blanc 2014 (6x 750mL), Loire Valley. Cork (261923-5)

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Jean-Max Roger Sancerre Cuvee G.C. 1997 (1x 750mL), France. Cork.

Lot No: 0045-2473900

Sancerre A.C.

The Sancerrois region’s clay-limestone soils of Jurassic origin that are heavily strewn with stones are locally known as "caillottes". They are found primarily on the mid-range hills at an altitude of between 150 and 250 metres.It is in this type of soil found in the village of Bué and in the hamlet of Amigny (commune of Sancerre) that our estate grows the grapes that go into the production of the "Les Caillottes" cuvée. (263710-8)


Chateau Baratet 2016 (12 x 750mL) Bordeaux, France. Cork Closure.

Lot No: 0012-2473900

The grapes are harvested by machine before being sorted and scraped carefully. They are then pressed to extract the juice. Once the impurities are removed, the juice is fermented in thermo-regulated stainless steel vats at 18° C for about 10 days. Mr. Dafre, the owner, has been producing organic wines since the 1980s. The vines are grown with strict rules to obtain the ECO-CERT certification awarded for all organic farming in France. No chemicals are tolerated! (257080-3)

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Chateau Doisy Vedrines Sauternes 2er Cru Classe 2009 (1x 375ml), Bordeaux

Lot No: 0016-2473900

Chateau Doisy Vedrines Sauternes 2er Cru Classe 2009 (1x 375ml), Bordeaux. cork (262388-11)


Chateau Climens 1er Cru Barsac 1995 (1 x 750mL), Sauternes

Lot No: 0015-2473900

Barsac A.C., Sauternes, 1er Cru Classé

Climens is a wine with a strong and heady character: every deed and every gesture involved in their complex trade as winemakers is aimed tirelessly at attaining this objective' finding particular grace every year that is the signature of Climens, beyond the differences in vintages, and with which so many passionate with lovers have fallen in love. (263660-4)


Domaine des Aubuisieres Vouvray Cuvee de Silex 1998 (1x 750mL), France

Lot No: 0029-2473900

Domaine des Aubuisieres Vouvray Cuvee de Silex 1998 (1x 750mL), France. Cork. (263710-7)


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