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St Clementine Benoit X11 Chateau Neuf du Papa 2015 (3x 750mL), Rhone. Cork

Lot No: 0050-2470834

The French Cellar commenced trading in 2010. We currently work with one of the largest wine growers and distributors in the world who specialise in wholesale wines and spirits.It is a subsidiary of a worldwide group, which is the European leader in distribution and a major player in the wine trade in France with eight locations within France in addition to its headquarters in Bordeaux. Working closely with experts in the wine industry they involve themselves first hand in the vinicultural skills of wine production at all levels.The company, known worldwide, is present in thirty countries. We source wine from nearly every wine region in France. (259998-5)

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Les charmes Chateau les Amoureuses Grenache Noir 2015(3x750mL)Cote Du rhone

Lot No: 0039-2470834

Les charmes Chateau les Amoureuses Grenache Noir 2015 (3x 750mL), Cote Du rhone. Cork (259998-11)

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