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Commissioners Block Merlot 2018 (12 x 750mL) SEA

Commissioners Block Merlot 2018 (12 x 750mL) SEA

Lot No: 0017-2484676


- Trained onto two wire vertical trellises with both wires mechanically pruned back to 2 buds. The canopy is managed through reduced water to restrict its vigour and increase both colour and flavour intensity. Vinification - After night harvesting the Merlot grapes were crushed into static fermenters and inoculated with AWRI yeast. Controlled fermentation occurred over six days, commencing at 24°C reducing to 20°C. Gentle Pump-overs occurred four times daily to maximise the extraction of colour whilst still retaining a soft juicy palate structure. Pump-overs were reduced to twice daily towards the end of fermentation to minimise seed tannin extraction. To avoid any harsh tannins and bitterness only free run and first pressings were used in this blend. After pressing the wines were settled before racking onto French oak for 3 months. (270195-3)

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