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Chandon Vintage Brut 2014 (6 x 750mL), Yarra Valley, VIC.

Each year, we represent three elements in this wine which lie at the centre of winemaking at Chandon – the beautiful vineyard resources we have in Australia, the diverse personality of each unique season, and the complexity drawn from méthode traditionnelle. When we consider the quality of Australian agricultural products alongside the clean environment, it’s hardly surprising to suggest that Australia’s viticulture is among the best in the world. Layer this with our Champagne heritage and knowledge, and it becomes possible to produce a vintage release which shows the personality of each season, all within the Chandon maison style.

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Chandon Cygnet Pinot Meunier Rose 2014 (6 x 750mL), Yarra Valley, VIC'

Pinot Meunier is relatively rare in Australia, compared to Pinot Noir, and often overlooked as a result. Closer examination of the wines we are making from this variety show us just what is possible. Pinot Meunier, like the ugly duckling, stands out as different to all the "other" Pinot during winemaking. When allowed to grow and develop, it turns into a swan of unique beauty. Floral notes and a sense of sunshine and generosity characterise this unusual variety. During vintage, there are parcels of fruit which arrive in the winery which are undeniably superior, showing strong character, interesting complexity and compelling personality. Of course, we readily use such parcels in our Vintage wines, but sometimes it’s possible to tirage a smaller parcel as a standalone, unique cuvée. Chandon Cygnet Pinot Meunier Rosé 2014 is a special opportunity to present this single variety from our estate vineyards.

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