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Villa Conchi Cava Brut NV (6 x 750mL), Spain.

The high-altitude parcels, protected by Montserrat Mountains, enjoy a cool climate that maximises the fruit expression and liveliness of this Cava. The Catalan bubbly, aged for a minimum of one year, is all freshness and fruit, featuring lemon, pear, almond and melon notes.

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Villa Conchi Cava Brut Reserva NV (6 x 750mL), Spain.

Sparkling wine Villa Conchi, Cava Brut Reserva is made ??from grapes Ksarello, Parelyada, Macabeo and Chardonnay. The grapes are harvested at night to avoid exposure to high temperatures and premature fermentation. He then quickly transported to the factory and stored at a temperature not exceeding 10ºC. Each variety is fermented separately at a controlled temperature, and only then mixed. For secondary fermentation bottles are placed in the cellar at a constant temperature of 15-17ºC. The wine is aged in the bottle for 15 months, after which the precipitate was removed.Sparkling wines from Villa Concha fully reflect the terroir and varietal characteristic features of grapes. Ksarello varieties, Macabeo Parelyada and give the wine a refined acidity and expressiveness, and Chardonnay - elegance and fruit tones. More:

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