Grayswine Connect in numbers: $1 million in sales in the first 6 months across 55 brands... and a lot more to come!

Why GraysWine Connect?

GraysWine Connect was created to help wineries and distributors:
  • Reach new consumers
  • Increase brand loyalty
  • Add a new profitable sales channel in a highly competitive market
  • Protect branding and pricing by offering exclusive, over-the-phone only offers

Results so far:

  • Fantastic sales conversion rates
  • High levels of repurchase
  • Very positive consumers feedback on both the GraysWine Connect service and the wines purchased through the service

All the above contributing to reaching $1 million in sales in the first 6 months across 55 brands.

Who is behind Grayswine Connect?

A team of dedicated, highly-qualified staff members with a passion for sales, customer relationships and of course, wine.

They are ‘Personal Wine Advisers’ building relationships over the phone with your future consumers.

They act and are considered as ambassadors for your brand and ensure your wines are always represented in the most professional way, leading to increased sales, stronger brand loyalty and higher levels and frequency of repurchase.

Major partners who have already benefited from Grayswine Connect:

Don’t wait any longer! To learn more about Grayswine Connect or to become part of our supplier network, you can email Greg Fitzsimmons at or 0420 939 371.