Sensi Collezione Merlot 2016 (12 x 750mL) Italy



The grapes are carefully hand-picked at the end of August. The pickers revisit the vineyards over and over, only selecting those bunches of grapes at their optimum ripeness. The grapes are de-stemmed, then very gently crushed, causing as little damage as possible to the skins. Very frequent remontage takes place before and during fermentation to obtain optimum colour extraction and soft tannins. There is a total of 15 days skin contact before racking. Specially selected yeasts are added in order to start the fermentation which is temperature controlled at 26-28°C for 10 days. After racking the wine is inoculated with bacteria to induce malolactic fermentation at 20°C for 20-30 days. (271667-1)