Bundaberg Black `Vat 100` Limited Release Rum Decanter 1985 (1 x 750mL) QLD


Bundaberg Black `Vat 100` Limited Release Rum 1985 Decanter (1 x 750mL), QLD. Screwcap closure.

Wooden presentation box included.

The pride of Bundaberg

The famous Bundaberg Black series of dark rum is highly collectable and has great ties to an era where Bundaberg Rum was in a transitional but fun era.

The concept was created and delivered by the General Manager of the Bundaberg Rum Distilling Company (BDC), Dr Lou Muller. Dr Muller in 1985 identified a Vat of Bundy Rum, being Vat 100, for having extra special qualities that he wished to further draw out into the liquid by setting it aside to age for a decade. At this stage it was actually the Vat that was set aside and not the actual liquid, because in 1988 the liquid was bottled at the 5year age and packaged into the famous 1988 Centenary commemorative timber chest ships decanter. At this stage the vat was filled with 3 year old liquid transferred from another Vat, which continued to age for another 7 years through to 1995.

On the 19.9.95 Dr Lou Muller unveiled his decade long project to a release party at the Bundaberg Rum Distillery and the legend of Bundaberg Black was born.

The first Bundy Black being the 1985 Vat 100.

The Lou Muller Bundaberg Rum Black List being:

  • 1985: Vat 100
  • 1986: Vat 14
  • 1987: Vat 105
  • 1988: Vat 136
  • 1989: Vat 70
  • 1990: Vat 79
  • 1991: Vat 89

This is an auction for a rare piece of Australian history, one of the few releases of Bundaberg Black Rum from the famous distillery.

As Bundy Black is no longer in production these bottles are becoming harder and harder to find. For this reason it is guaranteed that the value of this bottle will only increase with time.

This individually numbered bottle represents a combination of events at a moment in time that can never be repeated.

Changing climatic conditions during the cane growing season and the maturation process, combined with different oak used in the vat itself, to create a rich smooth rum with a deep red glow reminiscent of the burning cane fields.Alc/Vol: 40% (257349-1)