Vista Bodega Pinot Noir 2018 (12 x 750mL), Chile


Chile's unique geographical and climatic conditions offer it many advantages for wine production.The country is very long and thin - some 4500 km, yet it is only on average 150km wide, with the land sandwiched between the high, snow-capped Ands Mountain range and cold Pacific Ocean. The water temperature of Pacific is kept significantly colder by the Humbolt Current that flows up the Chilean coastline from Antarctica.The climate and soil conditions are almost perfect for grape growing;the influence and close proximity of cold air from the Andes and cool sea breezes cannot be overemphasised. Rainfall is restricted predominantly to the winter months, and snow-melt from the Andes provides unlimited pure water for the vineyard irrigation. These benign conditions and absence of phylloxera prevent many vine diseases.Because of the temperate climate and sharp day-night temperature variations, the ripening season may be several weeks longer than normal, allowing grapes to ripen more evenly and with greater fruit concentration and skin pigmentation - often resulting in higher level of antioxidants.Now Chile has become one of the world's prime resources of varietal wine. (265716-9)