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Join our community of wine lovers and growers, along with our diverse panel of experts as we take you on a journey to get more out of your wine and discover your next favourite drop for a bargain price.

How do we offer such great value? By providing the most efficient platform for Australia’s talented wine growers to sell their quality wines to you, we can remove unnecessary costs. In fact, the name Grays has been synonymous with ‘efficient buying and selling’ since 1922, when Geoff K. Gray, a 3rdgeneration auctioneer, was innovating the auction model in Australia. Geoff was a pioneer, creating the first-ever, custom-built auction rooms in the country and also introduced the numbered paddle system.

As a GraysWine customer, you also enjoy more choice and control. Either name your price from only $9 a case (standard sale), or buy now at competitive fixed prices, on over 2,000 quality drops. Most of our wines, from trending brands to exclusive labels, come with a 30-day money-back guarantee and convenient, speedy delivery to your door.

Enjoy a better way to discover and buy the wine you love for a bargain price. Now isn’t that worth every drop!

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