Green Fairy Dabel Absinthe (1 x 500mL), Czech Republic.

Liquor Act 2007: It is against the law to sell or supply alcohol to, or to obtain alcohol on behalf of, a person under the age of 18 years. Liquor licence LIQP770010049
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Absinthe (or Absinth) is an alcoholic drink made with the pounded leaves and flowering tops of one species of wormwood plant (Artemisia absinthium) together with other herbs such as angelica root, fennel, nettles, parsley, balm, sweet flag root and hyssop. Emerald green in colour and usually very bitter, Abisinthe is traditionally poured over a perforated spoonful of sugar into a glass of water – or vice versa. The drink then turns into an opaque white as the essential oils precipitate out of the alcoholic solution.

This premium Czech absinth Dabel is 70% alcohol by volume and contains the maximum amount of Thujone (the narcotic that comes from wormwood) that is allowed in the country: - 9 to 10 milligrams per litre. In other words it is super strong absinth. Although stronger, Dabel also mixes particularly well with sugar and water, or fruit juice, as a cocktail base, or is perfect as an interesting fruit punch base to get a party going.


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