Macs Gold Beer (24 x 330mL), New Zealand

Liquor Act 2007: It is against the law to sell or supply alcohol to, or to obtain alcohol on behalf of, a person under the age of 18 years. Liquor licence LIQP770010049
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Macs Gold Beer (24 x 330mL), New Zealand. Crown Seal. Alcohol: 3.8% Mac’s Gold is the beer on which the reputation of Mac’s Brewery was founded. Since 9982 it’s done a splendid job of being a 4% golden lager with hints of citrus and sweet malts. In the drinking, you’ll notice that the hops have imparted a wistful suggestion of mid palate bitterness but this is soon modified by a delicate caramel sweetness. Conclude this line of inquiry and you’ll enjoy the crispest of finishes, refreshed by the clean aftertaste.

Mac’s came into the world in 1981 when the beer market was as about as competitive as the average government department. Former farmer and All Black and Picton publican, Terry McCashin, decided to enough was enough when told by a particular brewery rep that his pub’s customers would pretty much have to drink what his bosses were making now. Why did he have to put up with this crap? Why couldn’t he find a beer that he wanted to drink himself and would be proud to serve to friends? And what was stopping anyone from making that beer? Apparently six months of red tape was the answer to the last question. (No one has asked for 50 years for a licence to brew beer and the guy who knew what forms to fill out had died.) Terry, however, persisted in the face of adversity and so Mac’s Beer was born and has been a national favourite ever since. There are only four things that go into Macs beer- water, yeast, malt and hops. (we’ll allow an exception for the odd bit of wheat or coriander) The brewing of Macs beer works hand in hand only with natural elements and processes. Macs brewery should mean a load of good things to our customers and our own people. For instance, we embrace individuality. We have only one target market- people who appreciate good beer.


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