Martell Cognac VSOP (1 x 700mL), France.


Martell VSOP is a premium quality, finely matured cognac produced by the Martell Cognac House since 1874.

Coming from the largest landowner in Cognac, Martell VSOP embodies all the qualities characteristic of the Borderies area; namely a roundness and smoothness for which the cognacs of the region are highly revered.

Martell VSOP – denoting ‘Very Special Old Pale’, aged between ten and twelve years – is a classically rich and full Cognac in possession of an intensely golden hue and bestowed with notes of vanilla, dry fruit and a just hint of sweetness.

Smooth and complex, Martell VSOP is a distinguished addition to any gathering of importance, from large dinner parties to an intimate `tête-a-tête`. Boasting a mellow fullness, Martell VSOP is delightful neat, however also holds up well when served on the rocks or in a mixer.