Tango - Convertible Home Theatre Lounge, Black


Tango - Convertible Home Theatre Lounge, Black

”Takes two to tango, two to tango / Two to really get the feeling of romance”

The Tango is an innovative international style Home Theatre lounge, which can easily convert into a 2 seater sofa. Reserved during the day, hedonistic at night, it can be the ultimate relaxation spot to enjoy evening TV with your significant other. The comfy chaise-seats with adjustable headrests provide great space and comfort, while placing 2 or 3 units of the Tango in the same media room can create a truly bold lifestyle statement. It makes no difference if it`s sweet or hot – no movie will ever feel the same.

  • Reconstituted buffalo and cowhide leather on front parts
  • Matching grain synthetic leather on rear and hidden parts
  • Adjustable headrests
  • Innovative swivel mechanism with safety lock
  • Easily converts into a 2 seater sofa
  • Measurements as Home Theatre lounge: W203cm x D138cm x H83/98cm
  • Measurements as sofa: W226cm x 103cm x H83/98cm
  • Colour: Black